A new Lisbon activity: the Lisbon Literature Free Tour

Lisbon literature Free Tour

Hello there. This is Rafael Garcia and I’m the guide of Lisbon Chill-Out Free Tours responsible for the development of ourĀ first thematic free-tour: a tour of Lisbon Literature.

Portuguese literature is an example of how Portugal in general and Lisbon in particular are hidden treasures among European destinations. Our written works are incredibly rich and complex and tie in with the evolution of European literature. We have many visionary works that explore the boundaries of literature which connect to our culture and the unique characteristics of our language.

Lisbon literature Free TourHowever, ourĀ  Free Literature Tour is not a walk about the history or even a biographical tour of Portuguese writers. It is about works of authors who were inspired by the city of Lisbon itself. Not only about local artists, the tour makes connections with foreign writers, such as the Italian Antonio Tabbuchi, who were inspired by this beautiful city and wrote books that take place here.

This allows us to introduce Portuguese works while establishing links with authors that are probably more familiar to people from other European countries. Someone from Italy who knows Tabbuchi, for example, can make a parallel with the literature of its own country and maybe even discover new things in those familiar works.

An important question is, of course, do I have to have read the books before doing the tour? Not at all. We have created a Free Literature Tour that is for everyone! This was a central part of its development. The tour can be done by anyone who is the least bit curious about this subject. If the person does not know any of the authors that we talk about, there is no problem, we will explain them to you. If you only know outside ones, we will introduce the Portuguese writers and, as was explained earlier, make connections with the foreign ones.

And if you know all the writers both local and foreign, the tour works in such a way that we will share the knowledge. Converse with a fellow literature lover and start a friendly debate that can make the tour a much richer experience. Just join us with an open mind and respect that on the other side there is someone who, rather than preach, wants to share a passion. Such is the true Free-Tour spirit, after all.

So to all the adventurers out there with an interest in books, we here at Chill-Out say: come to Lisbon and see for yourselves how talking about books is no longer boring.

You can find more information at Lisbon Literature Tour.

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