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Things to do on New Years Eve in Bratislava

Bratislava’s Old Town pedestrian zone gets closed up for NYE for a street parade which takes place at several squares and streets simultaneously. Multiple stages are scattered throughout the Old Town featuring the best local bands, dance groups and other performers entertaining the crowd all night long. The key points of action are Hlavne namestie […]

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Slovakia’s Ski Resorts: Fresh Powder, Friendly Locals & Tatra Tea

The Be Free Tours Team of the Bratislava Free Tour & Bratislava Pub Crawl  ask the big questions in Slovakian tourism. What’s not to love about Eurotrip?  Why on earth didn’t Chuck Norris get his bridge?  And when will the 102% Tatra Tea be released?  Since the fall of communism more than two decades ago Slovakia has lurked in the shadows […]

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Garbage in Bratislava

Fans of U.S. Rockers Garbage will be excited to learn the iconic group is heading to Bratislava this November for the first time ever. Garbage, led by rebellious singer Shirley Manson, were one of the most successful & famous acts of the 90s selling over 17 million albums around the globe. For over a decade […]

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