Enigma Lisboa

We are in beautiful Lisbon and it is the beginning of the Christmas season. Even though Catholicism is not a usual dish within the members of the Chill Out team, we aligned ourselves with the spirit of the season and participated in a team building activity. Although the objective was to strengthen the social relations within the group, team building is too much of a technical term to describe what happened. This is Portugal after all, where anything that is worth talking about ends up with good friends, good food, good wine and storytelling, with the most familiar and friendly environment possible.

Enigma Lisbon

The activity proposed was the following: The team is locked inside a set of rooms and must escape. There is a general narrative that serves as back drop to the whole activity – a homicide during Portugal’s 1974 peaceful revolution. Each room was full with clues and tips that would lead to the secret numbers to unlock the exit doors. The goal is to logically progress through the enigmas and solve the mystery, while working as a team in a synergetic way.

The challenge was on! Ten minutes before the start, the 5 brave guides were showing very different expectations which added a lot to the comicality of the situation. There was a mixture of overflowing excitement, nervousness, curiosity and indifference. But it finally began: a dark, small and closed room was the first challenge. After a couple of “being closed in a dark room full of man” jokes, the team started to work together to find the solution.

After one hour of using our minds together, in an interactive and productive way. The team finally left the room with a feeling of mission accomplished. The experience was over and it was a success. We did not manage to complete the challenge within the time proposed but that is clearly not the most important thing.

The Chill Out spirit is much more than a professional, commercial, orientated one – it is based on the creation of a healthy working environment that nurtures human development. Where we can provide mind blowing experiences to travelers while at the same time contributing to the growth of the group and consequently our own personal growth. Nothing motivates more a human being than caring for others and being cared for.

This activity comes to reinforce our belief in building strong social bonds not only professionally but in every area of life. Showing that the future has plenty of space for alternative working environments and alternative working concepts.

After this experience we recommend to you all to participate in this activity, not only for those who native or live from Lisboa, but is also a great activity for travelers on a rainy day or simply to enjoy themselves in a different way in our city. Just check Enigma Lisbon.

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