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Budapest is a much-loved city break destination that boasts some of the best night clubs, bars and pubs in Europe. When the sun goes down, the Jewish Quarter (also known as District 7) of Budapest really comes alive with its ruin pubs. Ruin pubs are a characteristically a Hungarian breed of bar that began opening a little more than a decade ago in abandoned factory buildings, car garages or homes. One of our mission is to introduce our tourists the main treasure boxes of this neighborhood and provide an unforgettable night with lots of fun.

If you’re thinking of heading to Budapest to experience the nightlife for yourself, join our daily Free Walk or Free Pub Tours and experience the best ruin pubs with us:


    Instant has 23 rooms, 6 bars, 2 open gardens, 3 dance floors, exhibitions, constant music, and a huge, breathtaking, absorbing installation create an otherworldly unity in this Babylonian forest. Free events every day! We end our Free Communism Walk here with an authentic private exhibition of Communist relics and also take you here on our Free Pub Tour.


    This place takes seriously its mission of being a ‘cultural reception space’. They are also working out a selection of programmes, but their plans include a gallery for contemporary artists, inviting theater groups, concerts, parties and film screenings. We are finishing our Free Jewish Quarter tour here and including this venue in our Free Pub Tour.


    This is the mother of all ruin pubs in Budapest. Popular with both nationals and tourists. Every area has a unique quirky decor worth checking. Our Free Jewish Walk often ends here.


    One of its inevitable advantages is table soccer indoors, and the kitchen (with taco dishes and chicken) is also great. This place has mostly local and expat clientele and we always list it on our
    Free Pub Tour.


    The building is nondescript and does not even have a sign outside the establishment, (but all the locals know where they are going). There is a friendly atmosphere inside the pub and you will not find lower prices anywhere in Budapest. The reason we recommend this place for our tourists is their “home-made” beer and Wiener schnitzel.

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