Ljubljana Emona Day

So, Ljubljana is finally getting the attention it deserves with tourist numbers growing every year. However, “Ljubljana” was not always the name of our city. In fact, throughout most of the middle and late ages the town was called “Laibach” – A German version of Ljubljana. But that name too was a later addition for the first name given to the settlement located along the Ljubljanica river was “Emona” … or in its full name – “Colonia Iulia Aemona”.

Emona was a Roman settlement. At first grew into a small town of approximately 4500 people which lasted for abut 500 years. It was quite an advanced settlement, with wide roman streets, market, public baths, public sewage. It was in fact the most eastern city of Roman Italy and not a part of Pannonia or Illyricum as previously thought. Emona lasted for a period of about 500+ years. It was founded around 50 BC and lasted in its Roman form until Attila the Hun burnt it down on his way to Rome in 452 (he had to practice somewhere). Anyways, Ljubljana is filled with old Roman remains and ruins.

2014 is a special year. It is the 2000th anniversary of the first written mention of Emona. To celebrate this special occasion, the Ljubljana municipality organized an “Emona Day”, and so, one warm summer weekend, the city center’s Congress Square became old Emona for a day (or two). Roman, games, sports, food, drinks, recreated housing and shops … not to mention uniforms, sports, competition, gladiator battles, Roman legion marches … it was a real eventful weekend.

If you want to know more about Emona you will have to find some serious books .. or simply join the Ljubljana Free Tour, but for now, you’ll have to do with happy photos of the day .. they kinda speak for themselves 🙂

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